Sentinel - Saving is not a dirty word

The Sentinel system is an innovative solution designed to give companies maximum control over their printing array. The system is designed for management, supervision and reducing the amount of print jobs.

Managers, if any of the following sound familiar, you will want this product:

If you have encountered any of these behaviors and want to put a stop to it, Sentinel is the key.


Using Sentinel is easy. The control box is connected to the printer. When you want to print something, you send the document to the printer as normally. Now, if you want to get your printed document, you go over to the printer and swipe your employee card on the controller. Only after the controller recognizes you will the printer begin printing - and it will only print the document YOU sent.

No more wasted paper - if the employee didn't get up to take his printing, it won't get printed.

No more accidental security leaks - each employee can only print the documents they themselves sent to the printer, so there is no way they will read someone else's document.

In addition, the Sentinel's web based interface can generate reports about anything the manager wants to know about the printing habits of the company - including how much the company saved on print jobs that were sent to the printer but NOT printed becuase the employee never came to pick them up.

Main Features:

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